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Pastoral speech of Bishop Luke (Zhoba) on the Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today, I join the entire Jewish world community in honoring honoring the millions of people who died tragically during the Nazi era, a period of unprecedented atrocities.

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, I express our universal commitment to remember the past and preserve the truth about it.

History remembers, and we must never forget, the horrific atrocities committed by the Jewish community during the Holocaust.

Having gone through the horrors of the Holodomor of 1932-1933, Ukrainians understand the pain of the Jewish people better than anyone else. This is our common pain, which aches in the hearts of Ukrainians, heals the wounds of our long-suffering land, fills the book of the existence of the Ukrainian people with bitter lines.

Today, Ukrainians are resisting an aggressor who wants to destroy our people. However, we are learning from the mistakes of the past, and each of us is doing our best to ensure that the tragedy of the Holocaust does not happen again in the future. Let us remember this and be united in upholding the ideals of humanism, democracy, freedom and peace throughout the world.

Today we have every opportunity to prevent more of this.

Eternal memory to the dead!


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