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Students from the village of Cherche school receive a delicious gift!

Students studying at a school in the village of Cherche in the Khmelnytsky region of Ukraine received a surprise box from Philadelphia – filled with delicious lunches. The healthy lunch snacks were a gift from the Vicariate of the UOC-KP in the USA & Canada, delivered to Cherche with the blessing of Bishop Luke of Philadelphia.

The first to try the delicious snacks were schoolchildren who took part in basketball competitions. They enjoyed the treats on the way to the competition and were ready to play -- full of energy!

The next day after the competition, all students of the school were trying the delicious snacks.

Our hearts were especially moved by a video of gratitude recorded by students of the school for the Vicariate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate in the USA & Canada.

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