Saint Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Church members preparing for Pierogi Festival

St. Nicholas Eastern Orthodox Cathedral in Northern Liberties is hosting a Pierogi Festival on November 5 and 6.

They are planning to sell around 16,000 pierogis that weekend.

To prepare, members of the church along with Ukrainian refugees gathered on Saturday to make around 1,400 pierogis.

"We're happy to be here, happy to help the people who came, who needed help," said Ihor Yavorskyy of Northeast Philadelphia.

"We're cooking and talking and enjoying our time," said Yana Zapadnia, a Ukrainian Refugee.

About 150 pounds of onions were cut up for another dish too.

"That's Kapusta, it's a Ukrainian sauerkraut. It's a little sweeter it's not as bitter as what we're used to," said Judith Hanney, the festival director.

The pierogis are stored in a freezer where they'll stay until they're sold next month. The money goes towards the church and the Ukrainian refugees they're housing, like Yulia Bihun and her two-year-old daughter.

"These 11 people live together like one big family and this is amazing," said Bihun.

Bihun said she is closely following the updates on the war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian refugees said they are happy to give back to a church that has helped them so much.

ByKatie Katro