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Support of Ukraine took place in Philadelphia.

On Sunday, March 27, representatives of various public organizations gathered in the center of the first capital of the United States with a call to Moscow to stop the criminal aggression against Ukraine.

"Stop punin, stop war", "We stand with Ukraine" - these were the inscriptions on the posters of the protesters.

The faithful of the Vicariate of the UOC-Kyiv Patriarchate in the United States and Canada, together with Bishop Luke of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia community of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral joined the peace.

A procession with the icon of the Blessed Virgin "Patroness of the Army" and a prayer service led by Bishop Luke was once again held in the streets of the city. Those present prayed that God would close the skies over Ukraine from Russian rockets and hail that plundered peaceful towns and villages, claiming hundreds and thousands of lives.

In total, the action lasted two hours, and several hundred people joined it. In addition to Ukrainian activists, there were people from Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Israel and other countries.

In addition to Philadelphia, similar rallies took place in Washington and New York over the weekend. Activists say they plan to continue such protests as long as there is a threat of escalating Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Also recently, the Biden administration announced its readiness to accept up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the United States, reports. Philadelphia joins the initiative of the state and will also take in refugees.

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