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These days we are struggling to bring victory to Ukraine.

These days we are struggling to bring victory to Ukraine. In this struggle, our leader is the Lord Himself. And although the powerful of this world do not want to cover the sky to protect Ukraine from Russian missiles, the Lord is the one who covers the sky. He leads us to victory over the criminal invader. The Lord is helping us to overcome modern-day Goliath, Russia.

Our people are peaceful and have not attacked anyone. This is often said by His Holiness Patriarch Philaret. Our culture is completely different from Russian and we are really different people. We are a people who offer their prayers to God, who cultivates the earth. Our path is the path of freedom and independence.

Words are heard all over Ukraine indicating the direction of the Russian warship pointed out by our glorious and valiant defenders of Snake Island, whom we await from captivity, to whom be glory and honor for their bravery and bravery. In his words, they explained to the enemy which path they had chosen. But we should not use the path chosen by our enemies.

Victory is near. We honor the memory of all the newest Heroes of Ukraine who fought for its Independence. I believe that we will be just as worthy to thank God for His help, for His care for our long-suffering people.

During these days of Lent, we should pray especially and show brotherly love and solidarity to all who need it. And there are a lot of them now. We must also lift the spirits of our soldiers, our defenders.

Let there be no place on Ukrainian soil for the words and slogans of the enemy occupiers. Everything will be Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes! God be with us! Together to victory!

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