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Young people came to rallies with prayer anti-war posters, in embroidered shirts, and with Ukrainian

Despite the fact that we spent the whole night preparing for today's action, writing posters in support of Ukraine calling on Putin to leave, today we are cheerful and want to show support for our Youth Organizations of the Kyiv Patriarchate Vicariate in the United States to all people in Ukraine, especially our peers. Watching them fight for freedom and expel terrorists there, we are proud that many of us have the same freedom-loving blood in our veins, - said Hryhoriy Zgoba, head of the UOC-Kyiv Patriarchate's Vicariate in the United States and Canada.

Young people are amazed by the courage of all Ukrainians who are fighting for their future, because almost the entire population, regardless of age or gender, participates in the defense of their land.

We are inspired by the determination of Ukrainians in the struggle. Today, they are the largest democrats in the world, and Ukraine is a leading country. We are also amazed to see 93-year-old Patriarch Phlaret, not afraid of revenge by Russian henchmen, staying with his faithful, with his people in semi-occupied Kyiv, where fierce battles with the occupier and cruise and ballistic missiles are constantly coming. His position, his example for us, young people, is illustrative, Marichka shares her impressions…

The organizers of the actions emphasize that they will not stop their stand for an end to the war and peace for Ukraine until the Russian occupiers leave the Ukrainian land.

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